Cutman Lomachenko rode through CompuBox after Vasily’s sharp criticism: “I don’t know why Loma mentioned them at all”


Russ Anber, cutman for Vasyl Lomachenko, commented on the CompuBox computerized hit scoring system, who made several harsh statements about the Ukrainian, including a very harsh tweet from Dan Canobbio.

“I might not even have discussed this topic if it weren’t for CompuBox’s answer. This is a condescending comment on Lomachenko. Industry leaders? Who do they lead? Are you leading in hit counting? Nobody cares. Nobody cares about this.” who throws the most punches on average. It doesn’t even matter. Good fighters have great fights. It doesn’t matter, you win the rounds.

I think they are trying to brag about how important they are, but they are not. I don’t know why Loma mentioned them at all. I would pay attention to how bad the judges’ notes were, because they matter more than the inaccurate CompuBox numbers.

People should know that CompuBox is not a science, there are no electronic gadgets with gloves that detect accurate hits. There are no criteria for which strikes are considered power. This is pure subjectivity, their own opinion, “- said Russ Anber in an interview with Matt Kasavant.

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