Damper for Trump: Authorities see no irregularities

Damper for Trump: Authorities see no irregularities

Was there any manipulation in the US presidential election? Incumbent Trump at least claims so, but has so far lacked evidence. Several US authorities have also failed to find any evidence to support Trump’s claims. They take the wind out of his sails.

According to several US authorities, there were no irregularities in the US presidential election. Ballot papers were neither deleted nor lost, according to a joint communication by various security agencies issued by the US agency for cybersecurity. There is no evidence whatsoever that the November 3rd election was tampered with in any way. In doing so, they rejected allegations made by US President Donald Trump that there had been election fraud. “We have complete confidence in the security and correctness of our choice, and so should you.”

Trump has not yet recognized the election victory of his Democratic challenger Joe Biden. His campaign team filed lawsuits against the result of the vote in various states. According to experts, these have little chance of success. There are now increasing voices among his Republicans to give Biden access to intelligence consultations.

This is usually the case between the election and the official handover. Not all US states have been counted yet and in Georgia, due to the tight outcome, a new count is due by hand. Still, Biden has already won more than the 270 electorate needed to win the election.

Notwithstanding Trump’s refusal to admit defeat, Biden continues to prepare to take office. Talks with his team are to continue on Friday. The first important person he appointed on Wednesday was his longtime advisor Ron Klain as his chief of staff. Biden is expected to put Klain in charge of fighting the coronavirus. He has made this a priority and has already convened a corona expert council. The United States is hardest hit by the pandemic worldwide in terms of both infection and death rates. Biden is scheduled to take office on January 20th.

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