Dana White defends Crawford from Bob Arum: “Pay the fighter what you owe him, you stupid idiot!”

Dana White defends Crawford from Bob Arum: “Pay the fighter what you owe him, you stupid idiot!”

UFC President Dana White, in his usual manner, spoke unflatteringly about boxing promoter Bob Arum.

Arum’s recent comment about what he said was a losing fighter, Terence Crawford, left White with great bewilderment.

“I didn’t really see exactly how the incident unfolded, but I heard this fucking bitch Bob Arum whining about this,” Dana touches on the recent Franco-Moloney fight, where the replay took as long as 26 minutes and was declared invalid. which caused a sharp indignation in Arum. – Lord, how I hate him. I couldn’t help it.

Imagine what would have happened to me if I had said that about one of my fighters? Are you laughing ?! Yes, people would simply destroy me for this. I would have come under such a flurry of criticism that it would have neither end nor edge. Terence Crawford’s job is to fight, and yours is to generate profits. It’s your job to promote your fighter, not his, you made an agreement with him. This, damn it, is not his problem at all, but yours. We now have the deepest roster of fighters in the organization that has ever been, and I pay them all. And where will I get the money to pay for their labor – it’s not their problem at all. I am responsible for this. Imagine if I started to whimper: “Oh, I need to pay Conor McGregor a lot of money … How so, because I could build a house in Beverly Hills with this money” – shut up you fucking stupid idiot! Pay the fighter what you owe him! Bob Arum is a real piece of shit! “

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