Daniel Dubois knocks out Bogdan Dinu for interim WBA heavyweight title

Daniel Dubois knocks out Bogdan Dinu for interim WBA heavyweight title

The British Telford hosted a boxing evening, the main event of which was the fight for the vacant interim WBA heavyweight title between Romanian Bogdan Dinu and Briton Daniel Dubois, who in November last year suffered an early defeat to compatriot Joe Joyce.

Dubois did not waste time and from the starting seconds began to press on Dinah with a hard jab, followed by a cross. Dinu tried to respond with a front hand, but the pressure of a younger opponent made him increasingly retreat to the ropes, where he helplessly took heavy blows. Several times the Romanian tried to get Dubois with a right straight, but it didn’t cost him anything just to bend the body in order to get away from possible danger.

It was evident that the Briton was holding himself a little, but this lasted only until the beginning of the second round, when Dubois, again pressing his opponent to the ropes, sent Dean to kiss the back of the canvas with an accurate right cross. The Romanian was never able to get to his feet before the end of the count, which forced the referee to signal the end of the bout.

Result: Daniel Dubois defeated Bogdan Dinu by knockout in the second round

Video of Daniel Dubois – Bogdan Dinu

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