Daniel Dubois on the Joe Joyce fight: “I’ll catch him and tear him apart”


Promising British heavyweight champion Daniel Dubois, during a press conference dedicated to his fight with compatriot Joe Joyce, shared his expectations of the upcoming confrontation.

“I feel confident because I am well prepared for this fight. I am not afraid of his experience. Joyce has never faced an opponent like me and I will prove it during the fight. We can say with confidence that most of the guys he beat are past their best years. I’m young and hungry. I’m ready to go through all twelve rounds if I have to. I’m ready for a long and hard fight, but I’m also ready for a quick knockout.

I have strength in both hands. I will catch him and tear him apart. People haven’t seen me yet when I’m in my best shape and acting at full strength. This fight will show that I can do a lot more. I look forward to the opportunity to showcase my full potential and skill. I want to crush, defeat and knock out Joyce. With this victory, I will convey a clear message to other heavyweight fighters and the world. I’m ready for war, ”Dubois said.

Recall that the duel between Daniel Dubois and Joe Joyce will take place on November 28th at the Church House arena in London, UK.

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