Danny Garcia: “I currently weigh as a light heavyweight”

Danny Garcia: “I currently weigh as a light heavyweight”

Former champion in two weight categories, American Danny Garcia (36-3-0, 21 KO), talking about his affairs on the eve of the transition to the first middleweight (up to 69.9 kg), admitted that he frankly relaxed in the offseason.

According to Garcia, his weight has now exceeded 75 kg.

“Someone asked how much I weigh now … Now I weigh about 168 pounds [76 кг]… I’m fat … No, I’m just healthy [улыбается]… It’s just that the camera is at an angle that makes me look fat. I’m fine.

Yes, I now weigh 168 pounds, which is my normal weight. Although, perhaps, I can pass for a light heavyweight “, – said the fighter during a live broadcast on social networks.

Recall that Garcia decided to leave the welterweight (up to 66.7 kg) after the defeat of the WBC / IBF champion, compatriot Errol Spence (27-0-0, 21 KO), in December.

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