David Bowie’s widow refuses to marry again: “It was true love”


Remains true to her husband and herself.

The second wife of British rock singer David Bowie, model Iman Abdulmajid, after the death of her husband is not going to start a serious relationship again. The 65-year-old model reported this on social media. “David is in our hearts and minds every day for all of us. You know, that was my true love. My daughter once asked me if I would marry someone again, and I said, “Never,” said Bowie’s widow.

The model married the musician in 1992 and lived with him until the day of his death in 2016. Iman said that they lived an ordinary, wonderful marriage, like millions of other people, and she regrets that they did not have at least a few more years together: “He was a very funny, kind gentleman – you know, everyone talks about his futurism, but no, he loved wearing a three-piece suit more than anything else. It was a beautiful, ordinary life, and this is its beauty. “

Currently, the model lives in the countryside and is very glad that she changed the bustling city to secluded places. Iman talks about her daily hikes in the mountains, admiring nature, she is somewhat worried about her own loneliness, but she is glad that she is one of those people “who like company alone with themselves.” When asked about the upcoming aging, the model replied that she is African, and African women “have never been afraid of aging.” According to Bowie’s widow, aging in our world is a privilege.

Photo source: Legion-Media

Author: Galina Skozlovskaya

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