David Schwimmer unveils previously unseen footage from the filming of “Friends”

David Schwimmer unveils previously unseen footage from the filming of “Friends”

Many moments from the workflow remained off-camera.

Ross Geller’s David Schwimmer moved fans with behind-the-scenes footage from the filming of Friends. Not so long ago, all the actors confessed that the work on a joint project managed to unite them: all the performers of the roles became real friends in life, and some would not even mind building relationships.

Sometimes magic happened on the site not only with the cameras turned on, but also with the cameras turned off, which is why a lot of material remained unpublished. Schwimmer hastened to share some pictures from his personal archive on his microblog.

So, special attention of the public was attracted by the shots in which the whole team of actors, forming a circle, hugs each other. The actors themselves, apparently, often practiced such rituals, which helped them to get closer.

Commentators, in turn, were outraged that such interesting shots were hidden from them.

“Touching to tears”, “What a pity that the return was only one episode”, “Not just friends! Team, “they wrote.

Photo source: Legion-media

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