Debate over migration policy: Ocasio-Cortez attacks US Vice President

Debate over migration policy: Ocasio-Cortez attacks US Vice President

Debate about migration policy

Ocasio-Cortez attacks US Vice President

With her statements about migration, Kamala Harris is now also drawing the annoyance of a prominent party friend. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, a beacon of hope for the US Democrats, clearly criticizes the Vice President.

US President Joe Biden certainly owed his victory in the election last November to the unity of his party. No quarrels, instead cross-camp support: As a candidate for all US Democrats, the moderate Biden was able to concentrate entirely on his adversary Donald Trump. Even the left wing, which sees a lot of content differently than the 78-year-old today, lined up, everyone seemed to be concentrating on one goal: to prevent Trump from entering a second term. The fact that the internal peace of the Democrats is anything but guaranteed, however, could now be shown by the discussion about how the Biden administration deals with the issue of migration.

It is with Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez one of the most prominent representatives of the party left, who clearly criticized current statements by Vice-President Kamala Harris on Twitter. Harris had previously addressed potential migrants on their first trip abroad in Guatemala and said, “Don’t come here”, regarding the dangerous trip to the USA.

In her tweet, Ocasio-Cortez now describes a video of Harris’ trip with the words: “This is disappointing to see”. “First,” said the New York congressman, it is 100 percent legal to seek asylum at the US border. “Second, the US has spent decades contributing to regime change and destabilization in Latin America. We cannot help set someone on fire – and then judge them for fleeing.”

Harris was entrusted with migration policy by US President Joe Biden in March. Their mission is to tackle the root causes of illegal immigration.

Illegal immigration has become a sensitive issue for Biden’s government. In April alone, almost 180,000 people on the southern US border were prevented from entering the country without valid papers. The opposition Republicans accuse Biden of being responsible for a “crisis” on the southern border because he cannot contain immigration.

The arrival of tens of thousands of people, mainly from Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador, poses enormous challenges for the US authorities. They have great problems finding adequate accommodation for the migrants who have been arrested. Above all, there is concern about dealing with children and young people who are traveling without their parents.

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