“Deliberate bombing incident”: Violent explosion shakes Nashville


“Deliberate bomb incident”
Violent explosion shakes Nashville

The American city of Nashville is hit by a violent explosion on Boxing Day. Apparently a bomb has detonated in a motor home. At least three people are injured. The police are searching the area to rule out possible further explosions.

At least three people were slightly injured in the apparently willful explosion in downtown Nashville, Tennessee. They were taken to hospitals, said a spokesman for the rescue workers. Investigators assume a deliberate act, as police spokesman Don Aaron said.

The explosive device was therefore in a mobile home. Officials from the US Federal Police FBI opened an investigation. The police searched the area with bomb detection dogs to rule out possible further explosions. The detonation caused “significant” property damage, according to authorities.

Pictures from the local TV station WKRN showed damaged houses, and debris lay on the street. The footage also showed broken windows in buildings further away from the explosion. The police cordoned off the city center to a large extent. Acting US President Donald Trump had been informed of the explosion, said a White House spokesman, Judd Deere.

“Looks like a bomb went off”

Mayor John Cooper said on Twitter that the exact cause of the explosion is now being investigated by police and federal forces. “It looks like a bomb has exploded,” Cooper said in a statement transmitted by WKRN. The local disaster control spoke of an “intentional bomb incident”.

Police spokesman Aaron said officers came to the scene early that morning after reports of gunshots allegedly fired. They alerted the police bombing unit and asked residents to leave the area about the suspicious trailer, said Aaron. A police officer suffered hearing damage from the explosion, he said.

Nashville Police Chief John Drake later said the trailer had a loudspeaker announcement warning of an imminent bomb detonation and urging residents to get to safety. It is still unclear whether there was a person in the caravan.

Dozens of users in social networks had taken photos and videos showing black smoke over the city center after the explosion at around 6:30 a.m. Initially, several sources of fire could be seen. Reporters from the broadcaster WKRN said they had felt the shock of the explosion in their studio in the city center. The mayor and emergency services wanted to provide more details during the day.

With almost 700,000 inhabitants, Nashville is the capital of the state of Tennessee in the southern United States. Because of its many live music bars and record labels, it is considered the center of country music and is also called “Music City”.

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