Demetrius Andrade criticized Saul Alvarez’s achievements


American WBO middle division champion Demetrius Andrade believes that the achievements of the leader of the Pound for pound rating Saul Alvarez are exaggerated, since the Mexican defeated the most significant rivals after they passed their peak in his career.

“Look, the biggest stars that Alvarez fought with, for example, Mosley or Cotto, were already at the end of their careers, they were 40 years old. Perhaps these guys after him had one more fight and that’s all. He never defeated anyone who was at their peak.

Kovalev in battle with him was no longer the fighter we knew before. Yes, these are good names, a good record in the track record, but with whom did he fight, who was in the leading positions? How can you consider yourself the best boxer regardless of your weight class if you are not competing with the best?

He agreed to fight Golovkin only when he was 37 years old. Saul didn’t fight any of these guys in their prime. Yes, I can be criticized for my words, but Alvarez will still refuse to fight with me.

Also look at the situation where Saul decided to move up to the second middleweight division. While Benavidez held the championship belt, he did not. Then Alvarez becomes the champion in this weight category and declares that he will never fight with his compatriot. But bro, you fought with Chavez, ”Andrade shared his opinion.

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