Demi Lovato boasted a protective manicure from the evil eye: photo


The singer used magic to “end” 2020.

Demi Lovato has carefully prepared for the 2020 release and all the troubles it has brought. Recently, the singer showed fans her new unusual manicure: a blue eye was depicted on each of the singer’s fingers, which is usually found on protective amulets. With the help of magical drawings, the singer wants to spend the outgoing year and leave everything unpleasant in it.

Goodbye Toxic Energy! Do not hit the door on the way out. Negative vibrations won’t touch me! Thanks for the life lessons and goodbye. Good for energy vampires! ” – Demi shared in the Stories section.

The singer had a very busy year. In early 2020, she returned to the stage and performed at the Grammy ceremony for the first time since the news of a drug overdose. During the quarantine, Demi began dating Max Erich and even agreed to marry him. And in September, Lovato changed her mind and broke off the engagement.

Demi doesn’t seem to regret her decision. The other day, she shared her reflections on her own loneliness and noted that it is not necessary to be in a relationship to be happy. “The best thing about being alone is knowing that my happiness comes from no one but me,” Lovato wrote.

Photo source: Legion-Media

Author: Yana Shelekhova

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