Denis Lebedev told how he apologized to Roy Jones for a brutal knockout in the bath


In 2011, former world champion in the first heavyweight division Denis Lebedev defeated legendary Roy Jones in the tenth round ahead of schedule. That fight was remembered for the brutal knockout in which the American boxer fell – the referee did not stop the fight, despite Jones’s grave condition, and Lebedev got excited and struck the strongest right to the head, after which the opponent fell heavily on the canvas.

According to Lebedev, he regrets this episode. The Russian boxer said that he apologized to Jones when he went to the bathhouse with him after the fight. According to Denis, Roy was sympathetic to this situation.

“I can repeat once again that if there was an opportunity to change something – yes, I would not have made this blow, but then, in the agony of the battle, I did as my reflexes suggested to me. Moreover, after the battle we were lucky Roy and his team went to Chekhov to the bathhouse – by the way, Roy turned out to be so prepared – he jumped into the ice-hole no worse than we did – and there I said to him: “Roy, excuse me, the last blow was probably superfluous.” And do you know what he answered? He said: “Listen, Denis, God has given me a lot in my life, now, probably, it’s time to give it back. Don’t worry about me, I’ve done this myself many times, “Denis Lebedev said live on the Instagram page of the World of Boxing promotion company.

We will remind, Lebedev also said that Alexander Usik can quickly deliver a knockout blow.

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