Deontay Wilder explains why he is confident in winning the third fight with Fury


Forewarned is forearmed, apparently, says former world heavyweight champion Deontay Wilder. The American boxer is confident that he will no longer allow Tyson Fury to use various tricks against him if they have another fight. According to Wilder, this, as well as the renewal of the coaching staff, will allow him to defeat a principled opponent in the trilogy.

“Once a cheat has cheated, he can no longer cheat. It will shake Fury’s confidence. the same as me.

There are many other things, even if you take a workout. We will hire new trainers. Perhaps I will invite two new specialists. I believe all of these will make a difference. After all, I can say whatever I want, but you just keep watching me. Watch my fights, support me, and you will see for yourself, “- said Deontay Wilder on the air of The Last Stand Podcast.

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