Deontay Wilder: “My children will be richer than the rest of us”

Deontay Wilder: “My children will be richer than the rest of us”

Former heavyweight champion Deontay Wilder (42-1-1, 41 KOs) continues to insist that he is willing to die in the ring if need be, and he doesn’t want other people to worry about it.

“I told everyone not to worry about my health and my children. If anything happens to me, none of you motherfuckers will do anything for my children. Let’s be honest. It’s great to be an optimist, like,” Hey, let’s talk about children and everything else “, but in the end – you won’t help. That’s why I’m used to solving things not only in the ring, but also outside it. My children will be richer than all of us. And even me. Because I have laid the foundation that will make them feel great while I am here and when I am gone.

I don’t want people to worry about what I’m doing. I said that I was ready to leave on the shield. If I die, then I would rather die doing something that I love. Just like that, period. Anyone who knows me knows that you don’t throw any towel in the ring when Deontay Wilder is there. After all, the battle is not over as long as it continues. “

We will remind, earlier Wilder said that he was confident in the victory in the arbitration court over Tyson Fury.

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