Deontay Wilder on Mayweather: “I can’t imagine that the guy who bet against me in every fight wants to become my coach.”


Former WBC heavyweight champion Deontay Wilder has said he intends to make a reshuffle in his coaching staff. At the same time, the American boxer doubts that he will cooperate with Floyd Mayweather, who previously offered him his help.

“We’re going to work with another coach. I like Derrick James, he’s a great guy. I like what he does. I like George Foreman. We talked a lot about different topics about his training.

As for Floyd Mayweather personally, I don’t feel like he likes me. I think he does it for the sake of getting attention. Truth be told, I have no idea that the guy who pitted against me in every fight wants to be my coach. The man hasn’t said anything good about me since the beginning of my career, but now he wants to be my coach. I doubt that he likes him and that he wants to help me, “- said Deontay Wilder on The Last Stand Podcast.

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