Deontay Wilder shares why he didn’t fire his second coach Jay Dees

Deontay Wilder shares why he didn’t fire his second coach Jay Dees

Former WBC Heavyweight World Champion Deontay Wilder may not have fired his head coach and co-manager Jay Dees like he did with fellow coach Mark Briland, but he wants to make it clear that Dees also did not escape his ire after losing to Tyson. Fury earlier this year.

“Trust me, Jay got banged,” Wilder said in an interview with Brian Custer during The Last Stand Podcast. “Believe it. Believe it. I didn’t fire him because he didn’t go against me, or what I professed for about five years.”

Recall, having gotten rid of Breeland, Wilder hired former heavyweight Malik Scott to his team as an assistant coach; at the same time, Deontay fought Scott in 2014, knocking him out in the first round.

“I don’t care what situation I’m in, or what it all looks like in the end,” Wilder continued. – “I signed up for this when I chose boxing. No one can help me in the ring. Yes, we must not forget about the efforts of the whole team, but this is an individual sport. When I enter the ring, I cannot drink water when I want to, if just the gong for a break won’t sound, and I can’t ask for a time-out and rest.

Therefore, those who know nothing about how it is to be a warrior, they will not understand what I am talking about. We all grew up in different ways, and someone who has never been in a situation between life and death cannot be imbued with my words. Some people can, but others cannot. “

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