Deployment of the National Guard: Trump wants to end the unrest in Philadelphia

Deployment of the National Guard: Trump wants to end the unrest in Philadelphia

In Philadelphia, people have taken to the streets and shops have been looted since the death of a black man from police shots. President Trump calls for an end to the riots. He also brings the deployment of federal troops into play. The city has announced a night curfew.

US President Trump has called for tougher crackdown on looters following riots in the city of Philadelphia. “The riots in Philadelphia have to stop. You have to end them,” Trump told the local authorities in Las Vegas. The President reaffirmed the government’s willingness to send additional federal forces. “We’re watching it very closely and waiting for a call. If you want help, we’ll be there within an hour.”

In Philadelphia, in the state of Pennsylvania, protests and rioting broke out two nights in a row on Monday after the death of an African American in police shots. Governor Tom Wolf, who, like Philadelphia’s Mayor Jim Kenney, belongs to the Democrats, has already mobilized several hundred members of the National Guard from the state, according to the newspaper “The Philadelphia Inquirer”. The White House spokeswoman Alyssa Farah had already called this a “wise decision” on Fox News on Wednesday. The decision to appoint the National Guard should help bring the unrest under control. In addition, the city administration announced that it would impose a night curfew from Wednesday evening 9 p.m. (local time) to Thursday morning 6 a.m.

The protests were triggered by the death of 27-year-old Walter Wallace during a police operation on Monday. The man was armed with a knife and did not drop it despite repeated requests, the police said. He moved towards the police, whereupon two officers fired at him several times. Passers-by filmed the incident with their smartphones. According to the police, 30 officers were injured and 91 people arrested during the protests on Monday.

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