Derek Chisora’s words after controversial defeat by Joseph Parker

Derek Chisora’s words after controversial defeat by Joseph Parker

Former heavyweight title contender Derek Chisora ​​shared his emotions after his fight with Joseph Parker, in which he lost a controversial split decision.

“Now I’m more than upset. It’s hard for me because I trained hard, fought, put pressure, and this is how the boxing world has treated me.

My previous fight, this fight – they don’t like me. This is disappointing. I’m tired of getting upset. It’s horrible. I gave everything that I had, but they give me such results.

If Parker wants to give me revenge, I’ll fight him. His coach Andy Lee said that I won this fight. I imposed a fight. I don’t know where the judges were looking. I delivered more power punches, worked more actively at close range. I will never let them upset me. I will enter the ring again because I will not let them win. I’m very upset, but they didn’t win. They want me to end my career, but until I leave, “- said Derek Chisora ​​after the fight.

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