Diaz: “Pacquiao should have focused on business like Floyd did”

Diaz: “Pacquiao should have focused on business like Floyd did”

Well-known trainer Yoel Diaz, continuing to talk about the former leader of the “pound-for-pound” rating, Filipino Manny Pacquiao, said that he could well represent him in exhibition fights.

Diaz cited the example of Pacquiao’s former abuser, American Floyd Mayweather, who intends to hold a demonstration meeting with YouTube blogger Logan Paul on June 6.

“My answer will probably be different from most, but these guys are free to do whatever they want. And I think that Pacquiao should have focused on business, as Floyd did.

Floyd makes money, and you don’t have to blame the guy for thinking with his head. He’s going to fight Logan Paul, and he has a big fan base. And if the guy can raise the cash register, do it. Moreover, this is not even a real fight, ”said the specialist.

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