DiCaprio’s girlfriend prepares to make the actor happy

DiCaprio’s girlfriend prepares to make the actor happy

Camila Morrone is back on Instagram after a long hiatus.

The brunette beauty Camila Morrone seems to be preparing to make her beloved Leonardo DiCaprio happy with a new addition to the family. For a long time, Leonardo and Camilla have been protecting their relationship from prying eyes – the paparazzi cannot catch their lovers together. Moreover, the 24-year-old model, apparently, decided to give up filming altogether and abandoned Instagram.

The other day, Kamila returned and posted a photo on her personal page on Instagram, in which, with special tenderness, she holds in her arms her beloved pet – a husky, whom she and DiCaprio took from the shelter.

At the same time, Kamila keeps the dog like a real baby.

“She still thinks she is a little lapdog. I repeat for the hundredth time: “Adoption” by Sally is my best decision, ”she signed.

In the comments, in turn, they noted: Morrone and Leo are long overdue to have common children.

“Urgently need a child”, “You will be wonderful parents”, “Incredibly touching and cute”, “It is clearly time for you to think about replenishment,” the fans wrote.

Photo source: Legion-media

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