“Did not provide enough data”: WHO accuses China of a lack of cooperation


“Did not provide enough data”
WHO accuses China of a lack of cooperation

The report on the origin of the coronavirus considers a development in a Chinese laboratory to be “extremely unlikely”. Critics fear that China will have a major impact on this result. The WHO chief accuses Beijing of lack of support and wants to investigate the laboratory thesis further.

The WHO has accused China of not providing the expert mission with enough data to investigate the origins of the corona pandemic. At the official presentation of the report on the mission, WHO chief Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus also called for the thesis that the novel coronavirus could have escaped from a laboratory to be further investigated.

“As for WHO, all hypotheses remain on the table,” said Tedros. This report is an important beginning, but not the end. We have not yet found the origin of the virus. “Everything is being done to solve the puzzle in order to reduce the risk of a similar pandemic developing. Critics accuse the WHO that the expert mission in Wuhan did not work properly China’s cooperation yielded too few results.

Politically, the mission was extremely delicate. China is doing everything it can not to be pilloried as a scapegoat for the global coronavirus pandemic. Critics also suspect that China had a major influence on the final version of the report.

US government is skeptical of the report

Team members, on the other hand, say there was no pressure. In the report, the group of 17 Chinese and 17 foreign scientists came to the conclusion that the virus could also originate in pangolins in addition to bats.

It also recommends further studies as to whether the virus may have been circulating in other countries before the first cases were discovered in the Chinese city of Wuhan. However, they described the theory that it could have escaped from a laboratory as “extremely unlikely”. The US government sees a number of unanswered questions. “I think we need to understand the methodology of this report better,” senior White House corona advisor Andy Slavitt told CNN.

“Were the investigators who wrote the report given full access to everything? Were they in any way influenced by the Chinese government when they wrote this report? Until we know the answers to these questions, I think it is best if we look at the report with a healthy amount of skepticism, not necessarily cynicism, “said the advisor.

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