Did the US blow up civilians and water cans?

Did the US blow up civilians and water cans?

It was the last air strike by US troops in Kabul: a car belonging to a suspected suicide was destroyed. The “New York Times” doubts this version in a report.

According to research by the “New York Times”, the US Army did not hit a vehicle loaded with explosives during its deadly drone attack in Kabul on August 29, but rather the car of an employee of an NGO, filled with water cans. As the newspaper reported on Friday after evaluating footage from surveillance cameras, the trunk of Esmarai Ahmadi’s car was filled with water cans.

A day after the attack in the Afghan capital, Aimal Ahmadi had already reported to the AFP news agency that his brother was not an assassin but an NGO employee and that a total of ten civilians were killed in the attack, including six children. According to “NYT” Ahmadi worked as an engineer for the California-based NGO Nutrition and Education International. The recordings show how he and a colleague are loading the car with water cans.

Pentagon refers to the secret service

Pentagon spokesman John Kirby told the “NYT” on request that the investigation would continue and assured that “no military in the world is so concerned about avoiding civilian casualties (as the USA)”. The attack was based on “good” intelligence, “and we continue to believe that this prevented an immediate threat to the airport.”

According to the US armed forces, the drone attack was aimed at a vehicle of the Islamic State (IS) jihadist militia laden with explosives, which posed an imminent threat to Kabul airport. They admitted the deaths of three civilians.

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