Didn’t leave dogs in cages in Kabul

Didn’t leave dogs in cages in Kabul

American animal shelter operators want to leave Afghanistan with their dogs. Some of the animals would have worked for the US troops. The Pentagon absolves itself of any responsibility.

Dog excitement at Kabul airport: The Pentagon has rejected reports of US military dogs in cages at the Afghan capital airport. The primary task of the US was the evacuation of US citizens, Afghan local staff and vulnerable Afghans, the Pentagon said on Tuesday. It also said: “The US military has not left any dogs in cages at Hamid Karzai International Airport, including (…) military service dogs.” Corresponding reports are wrong.

The background are photos that are circulating on the Internet and are supposed to show dogs at Kabul airport. The accusation: the US troops left them behind when they withdrew. The Pentagon now emphasizes that the dogs were under the care of the animal welfare organization “Kabul Small Animal Rescue” – not under that of the US military. “Despite an ongoing complicated and dangerous return mission, the US armed forces tried to support the Kabul ‘Small Animal Rescue’ as much as possible,” it said on request.

Money raised for cargo plane for animals

The organization has tried to get numerous dogs and cats out of the country since the militant Islamist Taliban came to power. She had last raised money for a cargo plane. When asked, she stated that the dogs had actually been under her care at the airport. They were service dogs from military contract partners. The same rules would not apply to these dogs as to the military service dogs. This is a “terrible distinction”.

The animal welfare organization SPCA said on Tuesday on behalf of the founder of “Kabul Small Animal Rescue”, Charlotte Maxwell-Jones, that she had to leave the airport on August 30th. It also said that most of the organization’s dogs had been released at the airport – which eventually turned them into strays.

It is unclear what happened to them then. The organization complains that the animals were not previously allowed on board the aircraft. The organization’s Facebook page recently said that everything would be done to save the “furry friends”.

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