Diego Pacheco: “Canelo will just rip up Caleb Plant”

Diego Pacheco: “Canelo will just rip up Caleb Plant”

According to 20-year-old middleweight prospect Diego Pacheco, Saul Alvarez is currently the best fighter on the planet. This conclusion Diego made for himself after sparring with a Mexican fighter. It was very difficult to hit Saul, and many of Pacheco’s signature strikes simply did not work when the legendary Mexican was in front of him.

“Saul hits hard. This is probably one of the hardest hitting people who have ever hit me. His technique is excellent in all respects, he is very different from the rest. I respect him very much and give him his due. In my eyes, he is the best boxer in the world. “

“Usually I jab with ease because I have long arms, but Saul has great head movement and protection. He raises his arms higher and just blocks all punches. “

“To be honest, I think Canelo will just go through Caleb Plant. I respect him, he is a good fighter, a great champion, but Alvarez is simply too good, he is a beast. I think David Benavides would have given him a much better fight than Caleb Plant. “

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