Dillian White answered Wilder’s challenge: “Many would love to see me knock him out.”

Dillian White answered Wilder’s challenge: “Many would love to see me knock him out.”

British heavyweight champion Dillian White commented on the words of Deontay Wilder, who said that if he can’t get a third fight with Tyson Fury, then White could be his next opponent.

“Tyson Fury doesn’t fight him anymore, so who else can he make money with? Deontay Wilder is not a very profitable fighter. Even when he was a heavyweight champion, he still didn’t sell arenas, and if I’m right, he’s only had a few pay-per-view fights. All he does is run around and shit, “White told Sky Sports.

“He won’t earn anything if he fights Parker. The same will happen for him if he goes up against Helenius. So the only way for him to make decent money is if he fights me.

Yes, of course, this can happen next year, but I’m going to beat Povetkin, after which a fight for the title awaits me. When I was a challenger, I went through fire and water trying to convince Wilder to fight me, but he never did, so I will prefer a fight for the title.

This is a good fight I’m interested in, but let him dance to my song. To be honest, I want to beat this guy. I do not like him. I think that he does not represent our sport well. I’m sure British and American fans would love to see me knock him out. We will have a war in the ring. I will go there with only one purpose – to knock him out. “

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