Dispute over Israel investigation: Federal government at a distance from the UN Human Rights Council

Dispute over Israel investigation: Federal government at a distance from the UN Human Rights Council

Dispute over Israel investigation

Confederation at a distance from the UN Human Rights Council

The UN Human Rights Council wants to investigate whether war crimes have been committed in the conflict between the radical Islamic Hamas and Israel. The government in Tel Aviv speaks of a cover-up for actions by the Palestinians. Germany and the USA are also keeping their distance.

The German government has distanced itself from the position of the UN Human Rights Council in the current Middle East conflict. The council in Geneva generally plays an important role in acute crises, said a spokesman for the Foreign Office in Berlin. “From our point of view, the resolution passed yesterday does not do justice to this claim and the local situation.”

The UN Human Rights Council on Thursday issued a mandate to set up a committee of inquiry to investigate possible war crimes in the recent skirmishes between Israel and radical Islamic Hamas. UN Human Rights Commissioner Michelle Bachelet did not rule out that Israel was guilty of such crimes.

“Extensive mandate without negotiations”

The spokesman in Berlin said the commission’s decision “does not address the recent escalation or the context”. In addition, they give the investigative commission an unlimited mandate. “The fact that such a far-reaching mandate was passed within a few days and without substantial negotiations also contributes to our skeptical attitude.”

However, Bachelet made it unmistakably clear that Hamas “has clearly violated international humanitarian law”. In the case of Israel, it merely stated that the country had violated international law “if it were found that the attacks on infrastructure in Gaza were indiscriminate and disproportionate”. You do not see this as proven.

Hamas welcomes the vote

The Israeli Foreign Ministry had already reacted sharply to the decision on Thursday evening and said it was intended to cover up the crimes of Hamas. You will not work with the Council. The USA also criticized the decision. This jeopardizes recent progress in the region. Hamas welcomed the decision, but at the same time stressed that its own actions in the conflict were legitimate resistance.

According to Bachelet, 270 Palestinians, including 68 children, were killed in Gaza, the West Bank and East Jerusalem during the eleven days of fighting. Hamas rockets killed ten people in Israel.

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