Disregard for human rights: USA discussing Olympic boycott


Disregard for human rights
USA advise on Olympic boycott

In February, an alliance of international human rights groups called for a boycott of the Olympic Winter Games in Beijing in 2022. Now the US government declares that it wants to discuss this possibility with other countries.

The US State Department wants to talk to allies about a possible boycott of the 2022 Winter Olympics in Beijing. When asked whether the US is already in talks to consider or plan a joint boycott, spokesman Ned Price said at a press conference: “This is something that we certainly want to discuss, and it is certainly something where we understand that coordinated action is not only in our interests, but also in the interests of our allies and partners. “

Speaking of general discussions with allied countries on how to deal with human rights violations in China and how to act, especially on the subject of the 2022 Olympics, Price said: “The Games are still some time away. I wouldn’t want to set a timetable, but these discussions are in progress.”

The US accuses China of human rights violations. In February, an alliance of 180 international human rights groups and representatives of minorities in China asked the international community not to participate in the February 2022 Games. “Anything else is seen as support for authoritarian rule and the undisguised disregard for civil and human rights by the Chinese Communist Party,” the alliance said in an open letter.

Boycott rejection from Germany

The International Olympic Committee with the German President Thomas Bach has recently rejected all boycott demands. In March, Bach said that a boycott was the “wrong answer to such questions”. The President of the German Olympic Sports Confederation, Alfons Hörmann, categorically ruled out a boycott in February.

Seven US Republican senators called for Beijing to withdraw the Games in February. They referred to the persecution of Uyghurs and Tibetans as well as China’s threats against Taiwan. Senator Rick Scott introduced a resolution in the Senate.

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