Disturbing images from the USA: Merkel is “angry and sad”


Disturbing images from the USA
Merkel is “angry and sad”

Chancellor Merkel says that the elected US President Trump has “regrettably” not admitted his defeat. It was only when doubts were raised about the outcome of the election that “the atmosphere created in which such violent events are possible”.

Chancellor Angela Merkel criticized the storming of the Capitol in Washington with clear words. “We all saw the disturbing pictures of the storming of the congress,” she said before the beginning of the annual meeting of the CSU regional group. “These pictures made me angry and also sad.” Merkel added that she was sure that she was doing “like most friends of the United States of America, the millions who admire America’s democratic tradition.”

A basic rule of democracy is: “After elections there are winners and losers,” Merkel continued. “Both have to play their role with decency and a sense of responsibility so that democracy itself remains the winner. I very much regret that President Trump has not admitted his defeat since November and yesterday.”

The Chancellor blamed the elected US President Donald Trump directly for the events: “Unfortunately, President Trump has not admitted his defeat since November – and yesterday too. That naturally created the atmosphere in which such events – such violent events – possible are.” Former President Barack Obama had made a similar statement.

CSU regional group leader Alexander Dobrindt said that Trump’s behavior can only be described as “absolutely unworthy”. The Chancellor said she was “very relieved that we have just received the news that the certification of the election results in Congress has taken place and that Joe Biden will be the next President”. This would have prevailed the democratic forces. “I always knew it would be like that in the United States and I expected it to be.”

Merkel had already congratulated Biden shortly after his election victory without waiting to see whether Trump would admit his defeat – that this would not happen was not foreseeable in November.

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