DJI unveils two new stabilizers

DJI unveils two new stabilizers

DJI has introduced two new one-handed gimbals: the Ronin S 2 and the smaller Ronin SC 2. Both gimbals have received a number of upgrades over the previous generation. Thus, it is reported about powerful engines capable of carrying a heavier load. The stabilizers are now made of lighter carbon fiber, making them lighter and stronger. They can work with devices weighing 4.5 kg. For ease of use, the gimbal is equipped with a 1.4-inch touchscreen display, which displays gimbal settings, as well as camera data and, if necessary, broadcast transmission data. The company has developed the Titan stabilization algorithm that can be optimized for the specific shooting type and reduce the need for manual intervention. Another software enhancement, SuperSmooth, will enable smooth shooting with lenses up to 100mm. The smaller version of the Ronin SC 2 is a mirrorless model and can carry 2.7kg. The batteries built into the stabilizers will provide up to 12 hours of operation and have a quick charge function. The models are already available for sale at a price of $ 499 for the younger version and $ 849 for the older one.

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