Dmitry Bivol defended his WBA light heavyweight title by beating unyielding Craig Richards on points

Dmitry Bivol defended his WBA light heavyweight title by beating unyielding Craig Richards on points

Just at the Manchester Arena in British Manchester, the undercard duel of a big boxing show from the Matchroom Boxing promotion company took place, in which the Russian WBA light heavyweight champion Dmitry Bivol defended his title from the encroachments of Briton Craig Richards.

Bivol allowed the opponent to carry out the first attack, but quickly took over the center of the ring, working through the floors and forcing the Briton to back away a little nervously. In the second round, the champion started hitting more often. Bivol tricked Richards well and struck powerfully on the body.

In the third round, the challenger had a good counterattack, during which he hit cleanly from the right, as a result of which Bivol started up and immediately rushed to pay back the debt. The champion controlled the distance and dictated the pace, but the challenger occasionally snapped back.

After the equator of the fight, Bivol gained momentum: in the seventh round, the Russian hit from the right several times in a row. A gong saved Richards from serious trouble. Despite this unfortunate episode, the Briton continued to look for his chances and sometimes bypassed the champion’s defense. However, Bivol, as a rule, found himself one step ahead, either throwing out the blow faster, or in time avoiding the opponent’s attack.

In the tenth round, Richards hit from the right, and this blow added to his confidence in the ending of the fight. The Briton gave out one of the best three minutes for himself in the fight, and in the next round he effectively hacked to death with the champion. In the final round, the rivals continued to exchange blows at close range. None of them was able to deliver a crushing blow, and as a result, the champion, despite being a clear favorite, was content with a victory on points.

Fight Result: Dmitry Bivol defeated Craig Richards via unanimous decision (118-110, 115-113, 115-114)

Video of the fight Dmitry Bivol – Craig Richards

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