Dmitry Kudryashov: “I didn’t like Povetkin’s uniform”


Former first heavyweight title contender Dmitry Kudryashov admitted that he was not impressed by the form of Russian heavyweight Alexander Povetkin in a rematch with Dillian White.

“I’m not a medical professional to assess Povetkin’s condition. Based on the fight with White, I didn’t like the uniform. But I wasn’t in Alexander’s training camp. I can only look at the photographs at the weigh-in, at what happened in the battle. But I see that maybe there weren’t the right sparring partners.

Alexander could not find the thread of the battle. He wanted to strike at the race, but he couldn’t quite reach it. I could not convey the right one, who used to beat constantly. It was this special work that was lacking here. But, again, I was not in the camp, so I cannot accurately assess what was done correctly and what was not, “Dmitry Kudryashov said in an interview with the YouTube channel USACHEV TV.

Recall that Kudryashov also suggested that it makes sense for Povetkin and White to conduct a trilogy.

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