Dmitry Luchnikov: “If Povetkin did all the best that he did in other battles, White would not have had a chance.”


The famous Russian cutman Dmitry Luchnikov, who worked together with heavyweight Alexander Povetkin during his last fight against Dillian White, is convinced that if the “Russian Knight” showed all its best qualities in this fight, it would celebrate the victory over the Briton for the second time …

Archers did not rule out that due to the result of the first fight, Povetkin found it difficult to set up a rematch with White in the same way.

“I could name a million reasons why a boxer can lose. I slept or not that day, had a fight with my wife, I had an upset stomach. It is clear that the higher the level of professionalism, the fewer such factors can be, but if Sasha did all the best that he did in other fights, Dillian would not have had a chance. There is also a moment of motivation – Alexander passed this opponent once, the second time to force himself to go through the same training, it can be difficult to carry out the same fight “, – Dmitry Luchnikov said in an interview with Match TV.

We will remind, Luchnikov also said that he would have banned the use of gloves, in which White went into revenge with Povetkin.

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