Dmitry Pirog fears Povetkin recovered poorly after coronavirus


Former world middleweight champion Dmitry Pirog shared his opinion on the rematch between Alexander Povetkin and Briton Dillian White, which will very soon take place at the Europa Sports Park stadium in Gibraltar.

Recall that the first boxers fight took place in August last year and ended with the victory of the Russian by knockout in the fifth round.

“I have fears whether Alexander recovered and was able to fully prepare for the battle after he announced that he had contracted the coronavirus. This leads to small fears when I think about the state of Povetkin now. In the first fight, at some point, Alexander It was clear that White had better adjusted to Povetkin. The opponent was more comfortable to box with Alexander. Now the question is whether Sasha can be a little different and surprise White. Povetkin needs to solve this problem, find a comfortable pace of fighting.

But, on the other hand, another question arises – how did White psychologically and physically suffer defeat in the first fight. We all know, no matter what star you are, it is still difficult to recover from a knockout. When you meet the person who defeated you, you can be mentally depressed. I hope that my opponent hasn’t recovered morally after a hard knockout.

I know for sure that Alexander is only going to win and fight to the end. So the fight will undoubtedly be very interesting. In the first battle, Alexander did something impossible, so I expect the same today. I will be curious to get answers to the questions that I have voiced. In general, we will be rooting for Alexander throughout the country. Good luck to him! “- said Pie in an interview with Sport24.

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