Dmitry Salita – about the defeat of McGregor: “Now there will be much less interest in his return to the ring”


Promoter Dmitry Salita is confident that after the recent defeat of Conor McGregor, few people will be interested in his boxing match with former world champion in eight weight classes Manny Pacquiao.

Recall that McGregor and Pacquiao, who have signed a contract with the same management team, were in talks about a fight according to the rules of boxing this year 2021. Last weekend, however, Conor was hit by a sensational finish by Dustin Poirier in the UFC 257 Main Event, damaging his reputation as an Irishman who will likely try to revenge his defeat before jumping into boxing again.

“I’m sure there will be much less interest in McGregor’s return to the ring now than before. The slogan that he is one of the best fighters in the UFC has lost its relevance. He needs to make a bright comeback to get a high level of interest again if he will want to return to boxing, “Salita told The Sun.

“He has to win a rematch with Poirier in a dominant style, and it will be much better if he does it with a boxing knockout. There is no more intrigue around his fight with Pacquiao, since he is no longer the best fighter in the UFC.

Conor is an amazing promoter. He promoted the fight with Pacquiao, hoping that his rematch with Porier would whet the public interest. But the ring and the octagon are nothing more than a theater of surprises, anything can happen there. And such unexpected defeats can leave a significant mark on a fighting career. However, we often find that defeats in the UFC are more tolerant, and a lot of fighters do return from heavy losses, so let’s see how the rest of Conor’s career plays out. “

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