Does ex-vice want to run for 2024 ?: Pence at odds with Trump over Capitol storm

Does ex-vice want to run for 2024 ?: Pence at odds with Trump over Capitol storm

Does ex-vice want to run for office in 2024?

Pence at odds with Trump over Capitol Storm

For over four years, Pence has shown loyalty to US President Trump. Only when he loses the presidential election does he move away. As for the events of January 6th, he has a very different opinion than the loser. There are initial indications that Pence could run for the highest office in 2024.

Former US Vice President Mike Pence has distanced himself from ex-President Donald Trump with a view to storming the Capitol. He and Trump have spoken a lot since leaving the government, “and I don’t know if we will ever agree on the day,” said Pence in a speech in New Hampshire, May 6. January. But he will always be proud of what he and Trump have achieved together in government for the American people.

“January 6th was a grim day in the history of the US Capitol,” said Pence. But thanks to the use of the police, the violence was subdued. “And on the same day, Congress met again and we did our duty under the Constitution and United States law.”

Supporters of then-President Trump stormed the seat of the US Congress in Washington on January 6, after the Republican had incited his supporters in a speech with allegations of election fraud. Four people were killed in the attack. MPs, senators and pence were brought to safety minutes before the angry mob stormed boardrooms.

Republicans angry with pence

Congress had met that day to officially certify Joe Biden’s victory in the presidential election, chaired by Pence. Trump’s supporters also turned against Pence in the attack because he had opposed furious appeals to stop the certification of the election result. So far, Pence has always shown himself to be extremely devoted to Trump.

In his speech in New Hampshire, Pence also praised the ex-president several times. However, he now spoke strikingly often of the joint achievements of the “Trump / Pence administration”. His appearance in New Hampshire – one of the first states to vote in the internal party primaries in the United States – was taken as another sign that Pence might have ambitions himself to run as a Republican candidate in the 2024 presidential election.

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