Dogs saved from predators: teenager pushes she-bear off the garden wall

Dogs saved from predators: teenager pushes she-bear off the garden wall

Dogs saved from predators

Teenager pushes she-bear off the garden wall

A teenager in the US doesn’t hesitate when a she-bear attacks her dogs. She pushes the animal off the garden wall and drives it to flight. She comments on her action on social networks.

A 17-year-old from the USA saved her dogs from an attack by a full-grown she-bear with her courageous intervention. When the animal, weighing around 70 kilograms, fought with the four-legged friends from a garden wall, Hailey Morinico simply pushed the predator away in a courageous action. The teenager got away with a sprained finger and a slightly grazed knee.

The girl from Bradbury, northeast Los Angeles, was gardening with her mother when the female bear ran along a small wall with two cubs. A video from the house’s surveillance camera shows the family dogs barking at the bears. The bear offspring then quickly withdraws, but the mother animal beats at the dogs. Hailey Morinico doesn’t hesitate for a moment and comes running at lightning speed. She gives the she-bear a violent push, which then falls from the wall. The adolescent grabs her dogs and runs away with them – the she-bear finally also runs away.

Video clicked millions of times

The video is making waves on the internet: Morinico became well known on the online platform Tiktok, and her rescue act has already been viewed more than ten million times. In addition, the young person speaks about her experience on US television channels. When she heard the dogs barking, she wanted to see “who they are barking at,” Morinico reports to the local broadcaster KTLA. “The first thing I thought was pushing the she-bear. And somehow it worked.”

Even so, Morinico does not recommend emulating their action. “Don’t push bears. Don’t do what I did, it may not end as well.”

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