Donald Trump against new requirements despite increasing corona infections

Donald Trump against new requirements despite increasing corona infections

The number of new infections in the US reached its highest level since early August. The US president promised that there would be no further lockdowns.

Despite the increasing number of new corona infections, US President Donald Trump has refused to impose new exit restrictions to contain the pandemic. “We will not do any more lockdowns,” said Trump on Thursday in a telephone interview with the TV broadcaster Fox Business. The situation in the USA is good, said Trump. When there was a sharp increase in infections in Florida and Arizona in the summer, the states brought the situation under control, he said.

Trump denounces governor as “dictator”

Trump has often rejected the renewed shutdown of large parts of public life, the imposition of a so-called lockdown. In the interview, he also reiterated his view that such stringent requirements created more problems than they solved – including suicides and violence.

“The cure can’t be worse than the problem itself,” he said. Republican Trump also again attacked Democratic governors who advocated stricter rules. The governor of the state of Michigan, Gretchen Whitmer, he berated as a “dictator”.

Highest number of new infections since the beginning of August

The number of new coronavirus infections in the US rose to almost 60,000 in one day, its highest level since the beginning of August. Around 59,500 people tested positive on Wednesday, according to data from the Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore. The number of deaths remained relatively stable at 985.

According to the university, a total of 7.9 million infections have been counted in the United States since the beginning of the pandemic, and around 217,000 people have died. At the same time, experts assume a high number of unreported corona infections. Around 330 million people live in the USA.

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