Donald Trump attacks Twitter and Facebook

Donald Trump attacks Twitter and Facebook

Facebook and Twitter doubt the truthfulness of a text about the opposition presidential candidate Joe Biden. Donald Trump reacts angrily. His spokeswoman’s Twitter account is said to have been blocked.

US President Donald Trump has heavily criticized Facebook and Twitter for blocking access to a critical article about the opposition presidential candidate Joe Biden and his son. The actions of the Internet companies are “so terrible,” wrote Trump on Twitter on Wednesday. The president added that the New York Post’s report on the Bidens was “just the beginning for them.” There is “nothing worse than a corrupt politician”.

Campaign team: Twitter blocks Trump’s spokeswoman’s account

In addition, the Trump campaign team accused Twitter of blocking the private account of White House spokeswoman Kayleigh McEnany. The campaign team published a screenshot on Wednesday evening (local time) on Twitter that was only intended to show McEnany’s notification from the short message service that her account had been blocked. To justify the lock, reference was made to a tweet from McEnany in which she referred to the report on Biden. There was initially no comment from Twitter.

On her official government account, McEnany wrote to Twitter and Facebook: “Censorship should be condemned!” McEnany’s personal profile could still be accessed on Wednesday evening. Apparently the ban prevented her from posting anything herself.

The “New York Post” claims in the controversial article that it has gained access to a computer that was used by Hunter Biden. The conservative tabloid reportedly found information in the device that the former Vice President Biden was involved in his son’s business in Ukraine. Trump’s election challenger has repeatedly denied this.

Biden’s campaign team rejects reports

According to the “New York Post”, the alleged information from the computer should prove that Hunter Biden introduced a Ukrainian businessman to his father when he was Vice President and in this capacity was responsible for US policy on Ukraine. The Bidens campaign team rejected the report, denying that the former deputy of ex-President Barack Obama had ever met the Ukrainian entrepreneur.

Facebook and Twitter blocked links to the article. The reason they gave was that there were doubts about the veracity of the report. “This is part of our standard procedure against the spread of false information,” said Facebook spokesman Andy Stone. Twitter justified its approach with questions about the “origin of the materials” for the article.

Ukraine affair led to impeachment proceedings

Hunter Biden’s previous business activities in Ukraine had been the starting point of the Ukraine affair, which led to an impeachment trial against Trump. The Biden son had been on the board of directors of the Ukrainian gas company Burisma when his father was vice president. In June 2019, Trump therefore urged Ukrainian President Volodymyr Selenskyj to investigate corruption against the Bidens.

When the content of the phone call came to light, the opposition Democrats accused the president of abusing his office for election campaign purposes and initiated the impeachment process in Congress. In the Senate dominated by Trump’s Republicans, the president was acquitted last February.

The “New York Post” published its current critical article about the Bidens just under three weeks before the presidential election. In the polls, Trump lags behind Biden. This applies both to the nationwide surveys and to those in a number of states that are considered to be voting-decisive states.

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