Donald Trump calls for an investigation against Joe Biden – “before the election”

Donald Trump calls for an investigation against Joe Biden – “before the election”

US President Trump intensifies the attacks against his challenger Biden shortly before the election. The President calls on the Justice Minister to investigate Biden’s family.

Two weeks before the US election, President Donald Trump has called Attorney General Bill Barr for corruption investigations into the family of his challenger Joe Biden. “We have to get the attorney general to act,” said Trump on Tuesday on Fox News. “He has to act and he has to act quickly.”

When asked about a possible special investigator, Trump replied: “He has to appoint someone. There is significant corruption and that must be known before the election.” Trump has long been raising allegations of corruption against ex-Vice President Biden and his son Hunter, most recently sparked by the tabloid “New York Post”, without any evidence.

“Laptop from hell”

The New York Post published several articles in the past few days connecting Joe Biden with his son’s previous dealings in Ukraine and China. The paper published e-mails that were supposed to prove that Hunter Biden was trying to profit from his father’s office as Vice President under Barack Obama. The newspaper also evaluated the emails as evidence that Joe Biden, contrary to his testimony, had known about his son’s controversial foreign business. Joe Biden denies that he was guilty of anything. He calls the articles in the “New York Post” a “smear campaign”.

The authenticity of the mail has not been confirmed. It is also questionable how they became public. They are said to have been found on a laptop in a repair shop. The “New York Post” reported a week ago that it received a copy of the hard drive from Rudy Giuliani, Trump’s longtime personal lawyer and confidante. The copy was made by the owner of the repair shop before the laptop was confiscated by the FBI in December 2019, the newspaper reported. Trump spoke of a “laptop from hell” on Tuesday.

Despite the deficit, Trump is confident of victory

Trump was confident of victory on Fox News, although he is behind Biden in polls. “I think he’s imploding,” the Republican said of his Democratic challenger. Trump also warned of a Democratic victory. The option would be “the American dream versus a socialist bastard”. Turning to the Democrats, he added: “They will make us a socialist nation. We will be no different from Venezuela. And I tell you, that can happen.” The Democrats wanted to destroy the police and at the same time take away the citizens’ weapons “so that they cannot defend themselves”.

Despite the continued high number of infections in the USA, Trump again ruled out drastic measures against the spread of the coronavirus. “We understand the disease. There will be no shutdown,” said Trump. The USA is “much better than Europe” in the pandemic. The president again promised an early vaccine against the virus. Even without a vaccine, the US is in the process of overcoming the crisis. The pandemic has now cost the lives of more than 220,000 people in the United States, a country of around 330 million people. Biden accuses Trump of failing to protect Americans.

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