Donald Trump demands ten trillion dollars from China – because of Corona

Donald Trump demands ten trillion dollars from China – because of Corona

It has become quiet around him on Twitter, and Donald Trump has not been seen in public for a long time. In his first speech in months, the ex-US president flirted again with a possible comeback – and attacked China.

In his first major public appearance since leaving the White House in January, ex-US President Donald Trump demanded reparations from China for the coronavirus pandemic. China should pay ten trillion US dollars to the US and the world, Trump said on Saturday (local time) at the Republican party conference in Greenville, North Carolina. Nor should the countries of the world repay their debts to China.

Trump also indicated a possible renewed candidacy for the office of US president in 2024. This is “a year I’m really looking forward to,” the next presidential election will take place in the USA in 2024. Since he was voted out of office, the United States has been “destroyed before our very eyes,” said Trump to a large applause from around 1,250 spectators. “America’s survival depends on your ability to vote Republicans at every level.” This must begin with the congressional elections next year.

Merits against Corona? Audience remains silent

It was Trump’s first major speech since February. He seemed to lack the energy and enthusiasm that he had once shown in his campaign appearances. As usual, the 74-year-old drove verbal attacks on his successor Joe Biden, the “radical left-wing Democrats” – and received wild applause for this. However, the crowd remained largely silent as he praised his alleged contributions to fighting the coronavirus pandemic and developing vaccines.

Baned from social networks, Trump also reiterated his false claim that he was fraudulent and deprived of victory in last year’s presidential election. “That election will go down in history as the crime of the century,” he said. There was at least one woman in the audience wearing a peaked cap that said “Trump won”.

Trump continues to enjoy great influence with the Republicans. The billionaire has already brought up a possible next presidential candidacy several times. However, he is not expected to make a definitive decision on this in the near future. For this, his daughter-in-law Lara Trump announced during his appearance that not wanting to run for a seat in the Senate. Your no is “for now”, but “not forever,” said the wife of Trump’s son Eric on the stage of the party conference.

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