Donald Trump fails with lawsuit in Pennsylvania – and does not want to accept it


President Donald Trump continues to oppose the election result. In Pennsylvania, he failed with his lawsuit – Trump does not want to accept that.

The US presidential election has been decided. Democrat challenger Joe Biden has defeated incumbent Donald Trump. Trump does not want to recognize the election so far and has again raised paperless allegations of fraud and announced lawsuits.

Trump’s attorneys are appealing in Pennsylvania

US President Donald Trump’s campaign team has appealed the dismissal in Pennsylvania. In a lawsuit on Monday, Trump’s team asked the US Court of Appeals to overturn a decision made by District Judge Matthew Brann. It is to be checked whether Brann wrongly refused to change Trump’s lawsuit a second time.

The judge on Saturday dismissed a motion by Trump’s team to expand the lawsuit again to include the argument that the Pennsylvania vote was unconstitutional. Accordingly, the election result should be discarded and the state parliament of Pennsylvania – which is ruled by Republicans – decide on the electorate.

Trump’s campaign team has filed dozens of lawsuits in six central states since the November 3rd vote to overturn the outcome of the election. Without the 20 Pennsylvania electorate, Trump cannot actually win. The result should be certified there on Monday.

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A federal court in the US state of Pennsylvania has given the incumbent US President Donald Trump another defeat in his fight against the election results. Trump’s lawyers had only presented “tried legal arguments without value and speculative allegations” without evidence, wrote Judge Matthew Brann in a statement published on Saturday evening for his decision. Trump and his Republican allies have also suffered defeat on other lawsuits in Michigan, Georgia, Nevada and Pennsylvania.

The injunction requested by Trump to prevent Pennsylvania from certifying the election results was thus rejected. Trump’s lawsuit also aimed to potentially invalidate millions of absentee votes. The arguments and evidence presented would not even have been enough to invalidate the vote of “a single voter”, wrote the judge. “Our people, our laws and institutions demand more,” he wrote.

In the important state, which has 20 voters to give away, the Democrat Joe Biden prevailed. According to forecasts by the US media, Biden now has 306 voters, significantly more than the majority of 270 votes necessary to win. However, Trump refuses to admit defeat, claiming massive electoral fraud occurred in the November 3 election. However, he has not provided any solid evidence for this. For this reason, judges have already dismissed several of his lawsuits.

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