Donald Trump fires boss for US election security – cancer contradicted allegations

Donald Trump fires boss for US election security – cancer contradicted allegations

The head of an important US security agency said what Trump does not want to hear: The presidential election has not been rigged. Now the incumbent strikes back in the White House.

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The incumbent US President Donald Trump has fired a key head of the Department of Homeland Security for publicly denying allegations of alleged election fraud. The head of the agency for cyber and infrastructure security, Chris Krebs, was dismissed “with immediate effect”, wrote Trump on Tuesday evening (local time) on Twitter. His statement that the presidential election had not been manipulated was “highly inaccurate,” said Trump.

There were “massive irregularities”, claimed Trump. Among other things, the deceased had cast votes and voting machines had slammed Trump votes to the Democrat Joe Biden, the Republican continued. Twitter gave Trump’s fraud allegations a warning that the statements were “controversial”.

In an initial reaction, the chairman of the House of Representatives, Democrat Nancy Pelosi, criticized Trump’s actions. Cancer ensured the security of the elections and worked against dangerous misinformation, according to a statement by Pelosis. “But instead of rewarding this patriotic service, the president fired Krebs for telling the truth to power and rejecting Trump’s ongoing campaign of election fraud.”

Krebs and other leading representatives of US authorities had rejected Trump’s ongoing allegations in a joint statement last Thursday – without naming the president. “The November 3rd election was the safest in American history,” the statement said.

Many “unsubstantiated allegations” in the US election

They pointed out that the vote had not been tampered with through the use of computer software. “There is no evidence that a voting system has deleted or changed votes – or has been compromised in any way,” said the statement with the Association of State Election Officers. There are many “unfounded allegations” and “misinformation about the election process”, but the integrity of the election was not jeopardized, it said.

Krebs, who previously worked for Microsoft, had held senior positions in the Department of Homeland Security since 2017. Trump appointed him head of the cybersecurity agency (CISA) in February 2018.

Biden was declared the election winner on November 7th by the US media. He is due to succeed Trump on January 20. However, the incumbent still speaks of electoral fraud without providing any substantiated evidence. Trump and the Republicans have filed several lawsuits. The processes have so far been largely unsuccessful – and none of them should be able to overturn the overall election result.

Trump fires Secretary of Defense Mark Esper

Trump had already fired Defense Secretary Mark Esper last week – he accused him of lacking loyalty. Other positions in the Pentagon were also filled. According to US media reports, Trump should also consider the expulsion of Gina Haspel, the head of the CIA foreign intelligence service, and the head of the FBI Federal Police, Christopher Wray. Democratic leaders have warned that Trump’s hiring decisions in the period leading up to Biden’s inauguration threatened national security.

It was only on Tuesday that Trump-appointed Secretary of Defense Christopher Miller announced an accelerated partial withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan and Iraq. The decision was criticized even by leading Republicans in Congress. Ex-Minister Esper reportedly blocked such a move.

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