Donald Trump gives speech in Florida – and strikes out all over the place

Donald Trump gives speech in Florida – and strikes out all over the place

Former US President Donald Trump denounced “prosecutorial misconduct”. He dealt properly against investigators who have brought charges against his company.

In a campaign-like speech in front of thousands of supporters, the former US President Donald Trump launched an all-round attack against political rivals and the New York judiciary. “They mobilized every government power to stalk me, my family, my wonderful employees and my company – all for political reasons,” said the Republican on Saturday before the crowd going to the open air event in Sarasota, Florida came.

The Republican sharply criticized the Manhattan public prosecutor’s office, which recently brought charges against the Trump organization and its chief financial officer Allen Weisselberg for tax fraud. “This is what is really called prosecutorial misconduct. It’s a terrible, terrible thing.”

American Independence Day celebration

The speech was staged with fireworks as a celebration of US Independence Day on July 4th. Trump accused his successor Joe Biden in particular of negligence in immigration policy and the fight against crime and once again reiterated the false claim that he had lost the presidential election in 2020 for fraud against the Democrats. He urged his supporters to support his allies in the November 2022 congressional elections to wrest the Democrats of their current control over both chambers of parliament.

The Trump organization, which manages luxury properties, hotels and golf resorts among other things, and Trump’s long-time financial advisor Weisselberg rejected the Manhattan District Attorney’s allegations on Thursday and pleaded not guilty.

Prosecutors, after investigating the Trump Organization’s business practices, concluded that they were dealing with “widespread and bold” tax fraud. Trump himself was not charged. However, the outcome could have significance for the question of whether Trump will run again in the 2024 presidential election.

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