Donald Trump has suffered serious setbacks

Donald Trump has suffered serious setbacks

In the fight for the US presidency, more and more courts are rejecting Donald Trump. While the second count has ended in Georgia, an increasing number of Republicans are opposing the president.

US President Donald Trump suffered setbacks in his attempt to overturn the presidential election on Friday. Georgia authorities also declared Democrat Joe Biden the winner in the state after the second count. In Nevada, Judge Gloria Sturman refused an injunction from Trump’s campaign team to stop certification of the results. She spoke of a “shocking proposal”.

Two high-ranking Republican state MPs from Michigan said after meeting Trump in the White House that they had not yet received any information that would lead to a change in the outcome. One will follow the “normal process” regarding the distribution of the electorate.

Rudy Giuliani: Trump attorney has announced that he will be challenging the election results in a number of states. (Source: AP / dpa)

In addition, several Republicans recently stood openly in Congress against the president’s efforts to challenge Biden’s victory, which was declared by data providers and the US media. Senator Lamar Alexander called on the government to initiate the transition period. Michigan Rep. Fred Upton said on allegations of electoral fraud in his state no one had presented evidence. Senator Susan Collins and her colleagues Dan Sullivan and Mitt Romney were also critical. A Republican strategist spoke of an avalanche effect in the party: “In reality, Republicans are opening a new chapter everywhere” concerning Trump’s presidency.

Official: Biden wins in Georgia

The election victory of Biden in the state of Georgia is now officially confirmed. The responsible State Secretary Brad Raffensperger officially certified the results, said Governor Brian Kemp on Friday. The further procedure now provides that Kemp confirms the numbers within 24 hours and thus instructs the 16 electorate of the state to vote for Biden as president on December 14th.

The defeated Trump then has up to and including Tuesday to request a recount of the votes. Several lawsuits by his attorneys against the election results had failed in Georgia – as in several other states – in court.

Counting the votes in the US election: So far, investigations have not revealed any significant cases of election fraud.  (Source: AP / dpa)Counting the votes in the US election: So far, investigations have not revealed any significant cases of election fraud. (Source: AP / dpa)

Georgia had already checked the ballot papers herself. Afterwards, Biden’s lead over Trump shrank from around 14,000 to 12,670 votes, as reported on Friday. The reason was that electoral commissions in two Republican-ruled districts had forgotten to include several thousand votes counted. Kemp sharply criticized that there were irregularities of this magnitude.

Trump still doesn’t acknowledge defeat

Raffensperger had repeatedly emphasized in the past few days that no signs of election fraud had been found. Trump refuses to acknowledge his defeat in the presidential election, claiming that victory was stolen by fraud. He can request the recount in Georgia because the gap between the candidates is less than 0.5 percentage points. Biden became the first Democrat to win in Georgia after Bill Clinton in 1992. Raffensperger and Kemp, like other senior officials in the state, are Republicans themselves.

According to the data provider Edison Research, Biden is ahead of Trump with a total of 306 voters with 232. At least 270 voters are required for a victory. Trump has not admitted defeat more than two weeks after the vote and speaks of fraud and irregularities. However, the lawsuits filed by his campaign team in this connection have so far had no effect on the result.

According to insiders, Trump’s team is now betting that in states like Michigan, the Republican-ruled state parliaments intervene and disregard the results of the election. This would be an unprecedented process in the US.

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