Donald Trump insults Biden badly – he has prominent support

Donald Trump insults Biden badly – he has prominent support

In the last three days before the US presidential election, the candidates give everything again. While Trump relies on insults, Biden gets help from his former boss.

In the final spurt of the election campaign for the White House, US President Donald Trump is taking his attacks against challenger Joe Biden to extremes. In the embattled state of Minnesota, Trump described the former Vice President on Friday as a “sleazy, filthy, corrupt politician” who had sold himself to China.

At the same time, the president tried again to downplay the corona pandemic despite the rapidly increasing infections. The doctors exaggerated the numbers because they would get more money for corona cases, the president repeated a conspiracy theory haunted on the Internet.

Election campaign in the USA – 900 corona deaths every day

In his campaign appearances, Biden immediately condemned Trump’s attack on the doctors: he “should stop attacking them and start doing his job instead”. Trump capitulated to the virus. The US is moving towards the 100,000 new infections per day mark. Around 900 people die every day. Trump’s son Donald Trump Jr., meanwhile, claimed in an interview with Fox News that the media was focusing on the infection numbers because almost no one died.

Trump challenger Joe Biden in St. Paul, Minnesota: “Start doing his job”. (Source: Andrew Harnik / AP / dpa)

Trump, who is behind Biden in polls both nationally and in several potentially crucial states, is relying on a spate of campaign appearances to mobilize his supporters. He plans to give 14 speeches over the weekend and Monday, several of them in Michigan and Pennsylvania. In the meantime, around 87 million Americans took advantage of the opportunity to vote by letter or in pre-opened polling stations before the official date on November 3rd.

The US President is not elected directly by the citizens, but by voters who vote according to the result in the individual states. 270 votes are required from voters for victory. With 20 voters, Pennsylvania is one of the most important, contested states. Michigan has 16 voters. Trump surprisingly won both states in 2016. According to surveys, Biden is ahead in them, but relatively close.

Biden appears with Obama and Stevie Wonder

Biden performs twice on Saturday with ex-President Barack Obama in Michigan, of which he was vice-president. Singer Stevie Wonder is to join them in Detroit. Biden’s runner-up, Kamala Harris, is flying to Florida, where there is a head-to-head race of candidates. According to experts, if Biden Florida wins with 29 voters, Trump would have little chance of winning.

Trump is planning four appearances in Pennsylvania for Saturday. On Sunday he plans to perform in Michigan, Iowa, North Carolina, Georgia and Florida. North Carolina, Pennsylvania and Michigan as well as Wisconsin should follow again on Monday.

Performances are usually one to one and a half hours long. On Friday evening, Trump shortened his speech in Minnesota to 20 minutes – possibly because only 250 of his supporters were allowed to attend due to the corona restrictions.

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