Donald Trump is suing Twitter, Facebook and Google

Donald Trump is suing Twitter, Facebook and Google

The dispute between the former US president and Twitter, Facebook and Google is entering the next round. The companies had banned Trump’s accounts from their social networks.

The American ex-President Donald Trump is suing Twitter, Facebook and Google, which have banned him from their platforms. He is calling for his accounts to be restored quickly, the 75-year-old said on Wednesday. Trump should remain blocked on Facebook at least until the beginning of 2023; Twitter even sees no way back for the ex-president.

Facebook and Twitter had already blocked Trump in January shortly before the end of his term in office. The trigger was the storming of the US Capitol by supporters of Trump – and that he expressed sympathy for the attackers. He also continues to claim, without any evidence, that his presidential election victory in November was stolen by fraud. With that he heated up the mood in the country.

Companies have not buckled so far

Twitter, where more than 80 million users followed Trump, was until then the most important communication platform for him. Facebook had initially blocked Trump’s account until further notice. The independent supervisory body of the online network later complained that the Facebook rules did not provide for an indefinite ban. That is why Trump has now been suspended from Facebook for two years, with the deadline running since the beginning of January this year. Then Facebook wants to re-weigh whether the ex-president still poses a threat.

Google’s video platform YouTube also does not want Trump to allow it again until it no longer sees a risk to public safety, but did not name a period for this.

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