Donald Trump is the # 1 public enemy


Donald Trump’s seeds are growing. The escalation in Washington is the corollary of his actions. Now the nation has to fight back.

The storm on the Capitol on January 6, 2021 did not come out of the blue. It is the corollary of Donald Trump’s actions. Trump has not only worked on it in the weeks after the election defeat, but for months and years. Since he announced his candidacy in the summer of 2015, Trump has trained his supporters like this for a moment.

Like him, they should only revolve around him and his fantasies. He started a cult that worships him. It fueled every conflict that swirls in the country, sending supporters and opponents into a state of permanent indignation. Again and again he created incentives for violence. And he has been making it clear for months that his sensitivities and interests are more important to him than US democracy at all times.

Das Werk Trumps

The Trump outrage machine discharged itself in the center of this democracy: The mob attacked the Capitol, while the election result was to be confirmed there for the last time. The violence is the work of Donald J. Trump. He fantasized about electoral fraud that didn’t exist and persuaded his people that they could become heroes if they stopped the supposed fraud there.

Those who are surprised that Trump let extremists have their way must have forgotten how he once encouraged neo-Nazis who rioted in the university town of Charlottesville. Anyone wondering how delightfully and lovingly a president commented on the mob has probably forgotten that he simply forgives everything he thinks is on his side. And how the Trump mob attacked journalists and smashed their equipment can only be shocked by listening when Trump described the media a thousand times as sinister enemies of the people, most recently two hours before the storming of the Capitol.

Who has to break with Trump now

When it came to Trump, people listened to, looked away and played down for far too long. That must end now.

Anyone who supports their conspiracy fantasies about the US election against their better judgment, as many Republicans do, is an enemy of democracy.

Anyone who helps Trump to spread his corrosive lies, as Facebook, Twitter and Co. did up to this Wednesday, also acts as an enemy of democracy.

Anyone who stirs up anger and outrage using Trump’s conspiracy fantasies, as the opinion leaders on Fox News and Co. do, is a danger to democracy.

Don’t warn, mute

So the Republicans must ostracize Trump – even if they are afraid of his supporters. The powerful internet corporations – even if they are afraid that their business interests will be harmed – not only have to give Trump’s attacks on democracy a warning, but also to mute them.

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And Fox News has to dare – even if it costs a quota – not simply parroting Trump’s state-destroying lies. This is not always possible without problems, but there is no alternative.

A democracy that wants to survive has to fight its enemies. And Donald J. Trump, after January 6, 2021, no one can have any doubts, is exactly that: an enemy of democracy.

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