Donald Trump paralyzes the Republicans with his delaying tactics

Donald Trump paralyzes the Republicans with his delaying tactics

In January, Donald Trump had to resign as US President. After that, there had been frequent indications that he wanted to start a new campaign. Apparently, his advisors were just barely able to hold him back.

After being voted out of office as US President, Donald Trump had to vacate the White House in January and make room for his successor, Joe Biden. After that he already made hints that he would run again in the 2024 elections. A report in the Washington Post confirms these references and reveals that he would have liked to have made this public earlier.

Accordingly, Trump spoke intensively with his advisors in August about whether he should directly announce his presidential candidacy in 2024. Apparently the 75-year-old found this time perfect, because the unrest in Afghanistan continued to escalate and Joe Biden was criticized for the chaotic troop withdrawal. His advisors would have urged Trump to be patient, as unnamed people told the paper.

Trump says: “I’m running”

Among other things, the advisors had expressed concern because Trump would have had to restructure his new ways of raising money in the same breath as the announcement. Furthermore, some advisors had made the point that the Democrats could use his early-announced re-candidacy to their advantage in next year’s midterm elections and direct their campaign towards him. One of the people told the “Post” in this regard: “The main reason was that he would not win the mid-term elections if we did not win back the House of Representatives or the Senate.” This has been able to convince him for the time being, but Trump should keep saying to people: “I’m running.”

Some Republicans do not like the fact that Trump is already behaving like the party’s next presidential candidate without being official: He travels through the country, speaks to supporters at rallies that look like campaign events. Many would like to have another candidate anyway – alone due to the uprising of Trump supporters in the Capitol on January 6 of this year, in which five people were killed and numerous injured. Trump himself had incited this via Twitter.

Donald Trump and Kellyanne Conway after the 2016 election victory: she was his campaign manager at the time.  (Source: IMAGO / UPI Photo)Donald Trump and Kellyanne Conway after the 2016 election victory: she was his campaign manager at the time. (Source: IMAGO / UPI Photo)

Now the following is the case: “He is tacitly warning people that no one can move a muscle until they have decided what to do,” Kellyanne Conway, one of Trump’s former top advisors, told the Washington Post. . She went on to state: “As for the year 2024, there has been a shift from intent to urgency as he watches with horror the many failures of this government.”

“All options remain on the table”

According to the report, the majority of 13 of his advisors stated in a recent poll that they are certain that Trump will run again (ten people). Two of them think it is a PR ploy and one is unsure.

Trump spokesman Taylor Budowich wrote in an email: “President Trump remains determined and committed to saving America from the disastrous leadership of the Communist Democrats. All possibilities to achieve this remain on the table.”

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