Donald Trump poses – Melania just walks on


Donald Trump arrives in Florida shortly after Joe Biden’s inauguration. Ms. Melania is also there. But she seems tired of public appearances with her husband.

Donald Trump landed in Florida shortly after the new US President Joe Biden was officially sworn in. Trump did not attend the inauguration. In Florida, the ex-president was accompanied by his wife Melania and thousands of supporters to his luxury estate Mar-a-Lago. But after the landing, a scene gives rise to new assumptions. Rumor has it that the couple have struck a deal to split Melania once Trump is no longer president.

Donald Trump stopped before his departure his last speech as President of the United States of America. He announced to his followers that his family would be returning to politics in some form.

You can see the reaction of the former first lady in front of the photographers in the video above – or here.

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